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2021 Transfer files from Linux PC to iPhone

In 2021, it is surprisingly painful to transfer files from a Linux x86_64 PC to an iPhone running iOS 14.x. In this post, RTWM Research Group outlines one method for file transfer.
In this how-to article we outline one method that works for us.

Please note that USB file transfer with wire is our preferred method for local transfer. (no network required)

However, it seems damn near impossible in 2021 to use USB wire transfer, with the current state of iOS restricted security, sand-boxing, etc. etc.

We welcome feedback or comments regarding any easy methods that we have not discovered, or are simply unaware of.

Please send feedback to email hello at rtwm.io subject: "Linux-iPhone file transfer".

LONG RIDER: The True Story of Vladimir Yarets

On April 5th 2020, I had my first meeting with Vladimir Yarets…

Complete U2F Yubikey Linux Mint 20 Login with Encrypted Home Folders


This tutorial was created and tested on Linux Mint 20.1.

Tutorial assumes you have a U2F capable Yubikey on hand.

Instructions here should work very similarly on other distributions like Ubuntu or Debian…

Wireguard on InvizBox 2 Notes

InvizBox 2 research and investigations as the company seems to have abandon the product. Note 2021-02-25 - this page and research is a work in progress.

Mux Video Streaming

Mux.com Video Streaming for “Developers” looks interesting. https://mux.com/