Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014, 8:16 PM

I had an awesome AirBNB host while staying in Valencia Spain, so thought I would post some notes from my review I left on the site:

When I travel, I’m often vagabonding. Many times I move from place to place making reservations 24-48 hours in advance, sometimes less.

AirBnB makes this kind of travel much easier for me because of the mobile application and built in messaging. The photos my host had posted at the time were for her old home, but she messaged me photos of her current home. I found it to be of similar quality, but not quite as good of a location. I agreed to stay because the location was not that bad, and there were no beds available at the local hostels and there were no other AirBnB homes available in Valencia.

La Tomatina was going on in Buñol a couple days later, so everything was pretty full except the most expensive hotels. When I arrived I also found out my host was a massage therapist, and I was able to schedule an appointment for a couple days later into my visit, which was a great addition to my trip. She also encouraged me to rent one of her bicycles so I could get into the center of town easier with out relying on public transit or taxis. She also happily washed my clothes as I had been traveling for a while and still had a ways to go.

We had several great conversations during my visit.

One morning I woke up to fresh muffins that she had prepared especially for me. Overall it was a great experience and I would stay with my host again. Note that initially I was disappointed at the lack of space at the local hostels because I wanted to meet other travelers.

After getting to know my AirBNB host I realized that I had just as good of an experience staying with my host as I would at a local hostel. It was just that it was a different kind of experience, and I enjoyed it very much.