Eddyline Factory Tour & Deception Pass


Sunday, Feb 15, 2015, 7:46 PM

Yesterday I went up to the town of Burlington, Washington to visit the Eddyline Kayak factory.

I got to go on a little private tour of the factory and learned a little about how their thermoforming process works to create a superior kayak. If you have not already done some reading on why Eddyline makes some of the best kayaks, I recommend doing a little research!

Our main reason for visiting the factory was to pick up a kayak for a Mountain To Sound Outfitters customer, that had recently requested a kayak that was not available in store at the moment.

Later on in the day we did some hiking and relaxing around Deception Pass State Park where we were able to find a rain-free section of the day for us to truly enjoy the gorgeous scenery that the area has to offer.

Naturally, there were several kayakers navigating Canoe Pass when we arrived to the park. We were wishing that we could drop this brand new Eddyline we just picked up into the water, but of course, that was not an option on this day.

I’m looking forward to doing some kayaking in this area in the near future. There are a couple places accessible here, only by water that are really good to camp at based on some research I’ve done.