The Sexton in Ballard


Saturday, Apr 11, 2015

Yesterday evening I finally checked out The Sexton in Ballard.

This is a place that I’ve been meaning to visit for a long, long time, but has evaded me up until now! While it’s true that I’ve walked by this little gem more times than I can remember, it has some things to offer that other places in Ballard do not.

The bar top is definitely unique. A collection of vintage 80’s cassette tapes that have what appears to have been painted a mix of soft cream color and white, while topped with clear glass. There is some flowers on one end of the bar, reminiscent of Brass Tacks in Georgetown.

I was caught off guard by the impressive selection of Old-Fashion’s that were on the cocktail menu, but was intrigued by the black pepper option. It did not disappoint and was a perfect spice level for a person that enjoys venturing out a little bit.

The service during my visit was completely on-point. Very attentive, but not harassing at all. The servers were perfectly fine that we were there for drinks only.

My next visit here will include food for sure, quite possibly brunch. I will most certainly go for the “Bet on Your Bartender” cocktail now that that their on-menu cocktail preparations gets the Delicious Detector™ seal of approval.

The outdoor patio is perhaps the best feature of The Sexton on a nice evening when the weather happens to be cooperating. Be sure to check it out if you can find a place to sit!

Notes: 3.5 stars on Yelp, 160 reviews at time of writing

–Delicious Detector